Merchant Server Softwares

Creating merchant server softwares is a very complicated long process. It can turn out to be a nightmare to any web developer. But us consumers, we simply don’t care. We want to have an effective e-commerce site that works perfectly with our goals.

For the sake of simplicity I chose two top merchant server softwares (Shopify&Volusionand compared between them to see what can work better form me as a consumer.

Shopify is simply an E-commerce solution that helps businesses sell online. It is so easy and affordable. You start by picking a store template from their given selection, or create your own, add your products, upload your photos, and Shopify will take care of the rest Et voilà ! you got yourself an active E-commerce site.

Positive Feedback:

  • Ability to update every aspect of the website using one solution.
  • Widely used and known
  • 14 day free try
  • Free sing ups
  • Product image zoom feature
  • Easy to use, no technical stuff to worry about. I just created an account and tried it out. (know their demographics well, which are start-ups business).


It really was that easy. Very good experience.

  • Generous with their free templets, they have a sleek professional look.
  • Very cool features in some of there websites templates that they provided in their site. I attached an image here that if you clicked on it will drive you to the original website. Try moving your mouse over the three boxes in the bottom:


  • Create as many webpages you want that you can later edit titles or descriptions
  • Comes with blogging functionality built in.
  • Ability to “Tag & Track” easily. Measure cost per conversion, return per visit. Also good to create a database of customers information to target them later on more efficiently
  • Hassle-free creation of product pages wit the drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Robust SEO tools
  •  Makes you website easy to find because of their keyword tag suggestion utilities.
  • Rolling out new features constatnly

Negative Feedback:

  • Templets that are available for purchase are highly priced compared to others which may lead to lower conversions.
  • Sub-pages to a drop down menu makes the page looks crowded.
  • Although the editing options are available, there is no editable text on the home page.
  • Smilar to WordPress in the option where editing is not in real time. Meaning if I edit something the only way to see it live it by submitting the changes then viewing them. This function I do not like in a blog site, I can’t imagine how I would fee about it in an E-commerce site that I own and have to use it all the time.


Positive Feedback:

  • User friendly
  • Easy site administration because it abstracts away the back-end code
  • Theme layouts are optimized by default for mobile devices
  • One-page checkout format
  • Offers SSL certificates and payment processing
  • Reliable shopping cart performance
  • Unlimited product listings
  • vZoom image resizing feature. Potential customers who are browsing the inventory can get an up-close look at the products.
  • Built-in product comparison for easier shopping and decision making.
  • Advanced inventory tracking via their SmartMatch technology
  • Advanced analytics and ROI tracking as well as affiliate program management tools
  • Associated with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)tools for achieving high SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) rankings.

Negative Feedback:

According to Jason Corgiat, “Volusion vs Big Commerce vs Shopify- A Detailed Review for 2013”

  • Does host videos or tutorials to assist in building the website, unlike Shopify.
  • Bad customer support
  • Responses to their  Online Chat support isn’t always useful and can take a long time to respond
  • Their framework is not very flexible
  •  “Users must buy their own SSL certificates to process credit cards, which means an extra $80 – $1000/year at the minimum in addition to your monthly bill”.

Which  would I use it in my business, and why:

After answering the following questions from the deck I made up my mind to go with Shopify.

1) What do you want this site to do to you business?

  • Optimise the shopping experience of atone who visits my site.
  • Makes it very easy for me to manage, update, and control content.

2) How will all the functionality I need be delivered?

This is what I want to worry less about. I want a website that shows me simply what to do and how to do it to achieve a simple startup website.

I already created an account with them and the experience was really easy. I am not a tech savvy person, this is why I found Shopify to be the more convenient for people like me, or for any small startup business. In addition I will need to look at tutorials to understand how to manage my website, I will also need good customer service with quick response time. Shopify provides that wheras Volusion doesn’t.

Note:  I have not dealt with any of these platforms professionally, notes were taken from the following sources:

Singleton, Chris. “Shopify Review 2013- A Detailed Review of the Online Store Building Tool”. (Jun 15, 2013)

Jason Corgiat, “Volusion vs Big Commerce vs Shopify- A Detailed Review for 2013”, (March 29, 2013).


Travel Websites for Mr. White

I find it really hard to have a conversation these days without veering it to a controversial discusion on Breaking Bad’s next episode.

Spoiler Alert: I just really can’t believe Hank found out who Heisenberg really is ? And his cancer got back? WHAT! What will happen next? Is he just going to die in prison? That can’t be. The writers wouldn’t do that to us, no way. Or will they ?? ugh

ImageWhile I was googling this picture I ended up buying a Breaking Bad mug and a T-shirt. And some people say E-Marketing doesn’t work?

Going back to the main purpose of this post, Professor. Rhodes, our E-Commerce Marketing instructor, asked us to visit several travel websites and write a feedback on them in context with our class study material.

Following is an analysis for the major online travel website (Orbitz, TravelClick, TripAdvisor, Priceline) in the e-commerce market. The analysis will be around several measuring factors we covered in class:

1) First Impression:

Orbitz: my first impression when I opened the page that there was a lot going on in their homepage.

Orbitz Homepage

Their homepage does not give the “leisure time” effect, when travel websites are supposed to give.  When scrolling down there are also a lot of content such as “Hot Hotel Deals” “Popular Destinations” each in a column with option underneath them, and these options also have copy as well. As you scroll down more you will find 2 more options of “Top Hotel Destinations” and “Top Flight Destinations”.

Rating: 2 stars


I liked their homepage. It was simple with great visuals. I could tell before going through the website that they target businesses more than individuals. It shows in their layout as shown in the bellow picture.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.46.35 AM

Although the layout is clean and sophisticated, I found it boring. It is not lively enough for a travel website, but this is me as an individual consumer, on the other hand the first impressions of businesses would not be the same as my first impression. Businesses impression have more value to them than me, as an individual customer, because as it shows I am not their target.

Rating: 4 stars


My first impression when opening their website was “Oh, cute owl”. To me, they look more of a travel website than Orbitz. They have a simple clean search bar, with a nice picture of waterfalls. I really liked their “What are travellers saying about XX city”, it directly shows you reviews of Hotels customers  visited and pictures they have taken of those cities.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.54.36 AM

Rating: 4 stars


My favorite for this analysis, when speaking of first impression, is Priceline. Reasons to that is  when opening the website I immediately recognised who was on their page and I linked them to their funny ads I watched on TV. I personally like each of Kaley Cuoco and William Shatner  shows.  I also liked their Priceline ads too (emotional connection). They did not have to put a picture of a rainforest to catch my attention.

Their search bar was my favorite. It had: Hotels, Cars, Packages, Flights, Cruises, and More.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.06.05 PM

I also liked how they are wearing their signature outfits they wore in every ad.

Rating: 5 stars

2)Common Elements:


Contains the 4 main elements of any website as shown bellow:

(click on it to expand)

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.55.35 PM

Rating: 5 stars


Contains the 4 main elements of any website as shown bellow:

(click on it to expand)

Travel Click

Rating: 5 stars


Contains the 4 main elements of any website as shown bellow:

Trip Advisor

Rating: 5 stars


Contains the 4 main elements of any website as shown bellow:


Rating: 5 stars

3) Taxonomy & Product Ranking:


Orbitz taxonomy did not make sense to me, there is a lot of repetition in data which makes their page layout crowded, for example when I tried choosing cars in the top navigation, in the search button box it also highlighted cars. 2 buttons doing the same job.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.05.45 PM

They should choose to either have their top navigation bar as their navigation tool of the bubble as their navigation tool.

Rating: 2 stars


As for TravelClick their taxonomy and product ranking is organised and has a smooth flow.  As Shown bellow with my experience:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.11.11 PM

 Rating: 4 stars


When clicking on “Flights” it then gives you automatically> “Cheap Flight”(know their audience search the most)>choose your ticket type “One Way”,”Round Trip”, “Multi City”> check a box to alert you if prices go down (listen to their audiences’ needs)> choose your class (automatically checks economy)> an option for nonstop flights>after that it gives you the option to choose the flight.

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 6.36.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.23.49 PM

Rating: 5 stars


Priceline’s way of taxonomy always tries to cross-sell you packages. The process was smooth and convenient as well.

Following is my their Product Taxonomy:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.33.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.34.18 PM

5) Photography:


Professional HD photographs in any travel websites are a given. Consumers will either feel an emotional connection when browsing your website or they won’t. Traveling can be about adventure, a life time experience, holidays, or simply business. This is why all travel websites must understand that before creating their website. They should ask themselves “To whom are we talking to?”.


In Orbitz case, their landing page has a picture of a flight attendant on the far right as an ad. That alone, I believe, destroyed the excitement feeling of traveling. People do not want to look at flight attendants, they want to see exotic places that travel websites are selling. A picture of a flight attendant will not sell a ticket (my opinion).

In addition, next to the ad picture of a flight attendant from Air China, they have a picture of  a woman having fun, so it seems. I like the picture, but why did they have to ruin it with so much copy on it.


I think Orbitz must work on enhancing the photographs on their websites.

Rating: 1 star


TravelClick did a great job with focusing more on photographs to sell an idea rather than just typing it out.

With each menu button you click a picture expands with sub-menu items you can click, this was my favourite feature.

Very clean layout.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.50.21 PM

Rating: 5 stars


Trip Advisor balanced between copy and picture. Their homepage has a beautiful clear picture of the Niagara Falls, but I wished if the search box was not on top of the picture. If I was Trip Advisor the first thing I would do is tie the picture with a link (which they did not do). The link takes the customer to a page where he can book a ticket to Niagara Falls. I would upload a beautiful HD picture of places around the world every two week and use the same technique = An interesting, beautiful landing page + more profit.

Rating: 3 stars


On their Homepage they have HD pictures of their brand endorsers, I personally connected to that, but maybe if someone did not know them or had somewhat negative feelings towards them, they might lose that customer right there. This is why celebrity endorsement is always tricky.

When browsing the website and clicking on Hotels, you will find a variety of different pictures that targets different people. Picture of Disneyland that targets families, pictures of Villas on the beach of Puerto Rico that targets couples, and so on.

Rating: 4 stars. (I took a star off in case people felt lost on their homepage when looking at the actors)

Federated Media

Federated Media describe themselves as an independent, family owned company that offers innovative multi-media products to their advertisers.  Their advertising services covers several channels including radio, outdoor, print, digital, social, email, and events.

Their goal is “to provide the highest quality form of information, entertainment, and advertising to their listeners, viewers, advertisers, and employees in a way that is profitable for all”.

Federated Media provides companies with marketing, branding, advertising or promotional strategy services.

In their website, they featured different successful cases that they dealt with, each with four elements as shown bellow:


In addition, I liked how they label themselves as problem-solvers as it shows bellow:

ImageAfter navigating Federated Media website it was clear to me that they do offer a great deal of marketing services to their clients on one hand, and on the other hand I do not think they are offering these services to themselves.

The website is basic , not very appealing or creative, which I assume must be in order to represent what they truly are here for. I picture it is as going to the hair salon and your hair dresser has messy uneven hair, I’m not talking about the messy-cool hair, no no the messy spiderweb hair. Would you trust him/her to cut your hair? He/she may be good at what they do but sometimes you can’t help but judge a book by its cover.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.32.10 PM

Therefore, I think Federated Media should use heir tools to market themselves more as what they call out to be. They should start by making their website look more appealing and more energetic. My humble-unprofessional opinion also suggests that Federated Media should use more videos that illustrates how they work and the effect of their work. Something like this awesome video would be great for them:

In addition, I noticed when googling “Federated Media” the first name that popped up on the page was Federated Media Publishing. This is why Federated Media may consider SEM, if research shows it helps lessen the confusion between the two companies.

SEM Battles with E-Commerce’s Forces

Image is a useful to-go tool for all whom consider themselves beauty savvies. It has the latest beauty news, makeup/skincare products, hair styles, and their signature how-to’s expert tips.

Their mission is “to be your daily source for beauty news and information that will inspire you to have fun with makeup and equip you with expert tips and tricks to experiment with the latest trends. Have a question? Just ask! We will turn to our panel of experts to get you the right answers.”

When browsing around their website I really like how they created their main menu. I liked that they have a drop down menu for celebrities with “The prettiest makeup and hair” title. But where does it go from there? So lets say I loved Emma Stone’s makeup look at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, which I ABSOLUTELY did, how can I get it? I would have loved to see a makeup tutorial on how to get this look (posted on youTube and the site; to drive more traffic to the site) and what product to use (market their own, more sales).


The website itself has really great helpfull content, on the other hand I think there’s something about the PDP and the articles that is messy. Maybe it’s the layout of the articles, or the font? Or maybe its their extensive content that needs just a little brush up to have it all fall right.

ImageAs for my E-commerce experience with I fake-tried buying the Lancome Huile Douceur. I liked how they divided the description into two segment details and benefits. I also liked the delivery one time vs several times option.


Their summary of customer reviews& ratings is great. I liked how they divided it into effectiveness, performance, value, and texture. They also have the Amazon feature Professor Rhodes showed us in class; “Frequently Bought Together”. Cross-selling is always a bonus.
ImageWhat was interesting is when when I added the item to the cart the URL automatically changed from to featuring only Lancome’s product as shown bellow:



I tried also fake-buying L’Oreal’s navy blue nail polish it also switched from to Surprisingly when checking out you have to choose from which online retailer would you like the item to be, and each has a different price and stock availability.

ImageI don’t know if I should love this feature or hate it. If i was only visiting L’ it would be ok, but for it makes it impossible to add more than one item in my cart. Meaning I have to visit different online retail storers (Lancome, L’Oreal) to buy my product.

Professor Rhodes asked us to be transparent, and to show our opinion. So here it goes…

Visiting different websites and having more than a cart at once is extremly inconvenient. It wastes time and money. This is why I would rather shop at Sephora instead. is, as their mission states, a place to browse products, look at what’s new, and how to-do tips. It is not equipped to be an E-Commerce site.


My Feedback on HopStop

HopStop is a great application I use when taking the subway. I basically enter my starting address and the destination address.

It later pops up different trasportation options, each with the duration time. You then can tap on the preferred option as shown bellow:

When tapping on the desired option it shows you where the closest subway station is from your location,  with the directions to it.

direction to station

Before, it used it draw a map as shown bellow. Which confuses people who don’t know how to read maps like me.  This feature as some may see great, made me exit the application and use Google Maps to direct me.  So basically I was only using the application to show me what train to take, and what station to get off at.


But now, after the application’s update, you have the option to clickon live location streaming. This update made HopStop, for me, a more convenient one-stop application.

live gps

When arriving at your destination station HopStop draws another map that shows the directions from the subway station you arrived at to the location address.

map to station

HopStop reminds me a little of my mom when I was a kid. It made sure it’s with me the whole time from the moment I get out of your door till I safely reached my destination.

Trader Joe’s Keeps it Still

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words are worth hundreds of pictures combined together with background music playing and voices that tell a story on a beautiful wide Mac screen.

Trader Joe’s is a company with lots and lots of stories. Looking at their website’s timeline and the way they displayed it reflects the brands’ personality, as shown bellow:

Trader Joe's TimelineBut what if this was displayed in a short video that tells a story instead of streaming through pages? Nowadays people do not have the time, nor the patience to read through data.

A 1 to 3 minute(s) video may deliver the message quicker, more effective and life-likely. They can use videos to make their brand come to life for the out-of-reach potential customers (no email, no phone number, no home address data). Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s continues on disappointing us with their lack of presence in any digital platform. No social media, no blog, no video presence. They only thing we can do at this moment is thank their loyal customers that keep on promoting Trader Joe’s because they want to.

A teenage girl named Bethany from California posts videos on YouTube about fashion, hair, makeup, and any product that she likes. She has 2,081,128 subscribers. She posted a video under the title “March Favourites 2013!” and promoted Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies as one of her March favourites. That video alone gained 1,005,237 views. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for Trader Joe’s but I really don’t understand why 1,000,000+ views. I am guessing that her followers are mostly teenage girls/boys (fingers crossed) which may have helped the brand reach a younger audiences.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.45.21 AM

Another video was posted by another teenage girl, (I swear I am not googling teenage girls and Trader Joe’s), her channels name is SophistiCait16, and the video she posted is titled “Food Favourites Trader Joe’s Snack Recommendations!” . This video is great! It basically talks all about Trader Joe’s healthy snacks, and how they are good for you instead of all the other delicious junk I love yum yum.

Dried Cranberries

On the other hand Whole Foods have created their YouTube page in 2006. We studied in our Competitive Strategy class that in order for a brand to energize and leverage itself, it should add value to it. One way to do that is by branding your social programs that can payoff by providing the basis of a customer relationship based on trust and respect. Whole Foods know themselves, they know what they represent, and what they stand for and they are branding themselves accordingly. You can see on their YouTube videos posts that are 1-2 minutes longs that focus on a variety of topics like this really cool video they created to support Earthglings, “Introducing The Earthlings”, or them showing their support to small business “Archi’s Acres Whole Foods Market Grant Announcement”, or their cooking tutorial “Hummus Veggie Pizza”. Although they have great content videos, they only have 7,386 subscribes, but a total of 5,475,930 views for 725 videos.

Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s can not keep on ignoring the fact that they need and they MUST have digital presence. It is true that they are doing well now, but if they look at how strong their competitors are, and how those competitors are outperforming them, they will come to the realization that social and digital presence is one big reason.

People want to know who they are dealing with, what do they represent to the society, what are their thoughts about health, the environment. Good products are no longer the reason people are committed to a brand, the sooner they realise that the more quickly they can have their own voice instead of having hundred of different fan-created voices.


Trader Joe’s are always putting out new, innovative, healthy, hard-to-find, great tasting food products at their stores, for example their Cowboy Caviar Salsa or their Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. But how do customers come to know about those new products? The sad answer is that they have to visit their website, click on “Products and Guides”, then hit “What’s New”. For a product to be truly “new”, one must know about it immediately once it’s out, hence in a blog.

Trader Joe’s do not have an official blog, they have a couple of unofficial ones.

The first unofficial blog is “Cooking with Trader Joe’s“:

Cooking With Trader Joe's

It has 52,887 likes on Facebook, and have been mentioned by the press in LA Weekly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Sacramento Bee, Kiwi, Women’s Day, The San Diago Union-Tribute, CHOW, Hub Pages, and many more. Each post has the option to share, save, print, or add to grocery list. Posts have been saved, not only read, from 110 to 600 times on average.

other than the option of saving and sharing the post,  they have an excellent way to engage readers which is by encouraging them  to share recipes of their own. Another great feature about their blog is one can browse a recipe by course (appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, sides, dessert, drinks, breakfast), or by special diet (gluten-free, low-fat, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian), or by main ingredient (chicken, beef, pasta, fruit, etc), or by list (top 20, most recent). I must say, what a handy tool!

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Trader Joe’s; Antisocial??

Trader Joe’s as you all know is a famous quirky privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California. As of January 2013, Trader Joe’s had a total of 395 stores. In short they are HUGE.

They have an amazing website that highlights new items in its stores and recipes. They have really done an awesome job.

Trader Joe's Homepage

The surprising factor is that when you look close at their webstite, there is no “Follow us on Twitter” or “Like us on Facebook”. As Todd Wasserman said in his article 4 Huge Brands That Sill Aren’t on Social Media, “Like many things about Trader Joe’s, the company’s social media marketing strategy is a mystery”(Dec 03, 2012). But all of this seems to not hurt the brand, their reported 2011 revenue was 8.5 billion USD.

This makes me question, is even social media important for a company to survive?

Deeper research must take place to answer this question. We must know first, who are their customers? Do they need social platforms in order for them to go to the store? Will it motivate them? If yes, what is that motivating factor? Will social media drive more traffic, more new customers, or more visits from existing ones? If they already have a loyal customer base, how will social media add to that? Or is social media simply not for Trader Joe’s? But is it really not for someone?

I came across a couple of their emails that I think they are doing well at:

(Email Marketing):

Email Marketing
TJ Email

As I mentioned before their social media is lacking. Firstly, They have NO official Twitter account whereas their competition does. Secondly, they have no official universal Facebook page, or consistent store by store pages. Thirdly, they have no official blogs, just a couple of unofficial blogs:

Cooking With Trader Joe’s

What’s Good at Trader Joe’s

I found a fan-based Twitter account, Trader Joe’s List, that is pretty much what they should be doing (my humble unprofessional opinion).

The tweets are engaging, funny, educational, and informative.

Here are some example:

Pepper Time

This tweet link followers to his/her Tumblr account – link social platforms together, check!

Here are other tweet examples I think created buzz (good/bad), engagement, and retweets.

Trader Joe's Tweets

When I compared Trader Joe’s fan-based follower to Kroger and Whole food, I got an answer for my earlier confusion. TRADER JOE’S FANS WANT SOCIAL MEDIA!

Trader joes list followers

If 34,940 are following a fan-based page this must mean that an official Twitter page will do the company good and the 3,317,383 Whole Foods  followers will not be so scary anymore, or at least we hope.

Whole Foods obviously are doing a great job on their Twitter account. They offer incentives for engagement.

Whole food tweets

But I think if you tweet something you know your audience will want to read or comment about, incentives are not necessary, they will just because they simply want to.

Although Kroger has 24,025 follower, and I am not sure if it’s an official page or not, but their tweets are engaging. They reply to their customers, which is always a nice feeling to any fan.

 Kroger Tweets

Oh hot DAMN this is my SPAM


So for this week’s assignment, that I submitted late, sorry again Joanne, we were asked to analyse our email, identify the ones sent by marketer’s  and tell the story behind it.

The first company is Blue Print Cleanse.


For those who don’t know what Blue Print Cleanse is, it is s a “user-friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of their indulgence”. (BluePrint, About)

Since my body’s healthiness and hotness nowadays competes with Rihanna’s I decided to join a three days cleansing program at Blue Print Cleanse. I am expecting my package today around 3:00 p.m, better eat all what I can before starting. YES that’s the attitude!

I really like the emails those guys send me. It show that they care about their customer, and that they want them to properly be able to cleanse their bodies.

Another thing that I really like is that they give targeted advices for their targeted customers, as shown bellow:


Their audience are people like me. Want to cleanse their bodies, and have healthier lifestyles, and those are A LOT, especially in New York. As shown in the previous picture the Call To Action basically is “Be Prepared The Box is Coming”!

Another email Blue Print Cleanse sent was intended to encourage the existing-satisfied customers to sign-up for additional days and get 15% off their next order.

The way they display their emails is cute, and the wordings are always smart and funny! It is somewhat an entraining experience to me whenever I read their emails or visit their website.

Following is the email with the offer:

Cute, right??

Ok now trash talk time.

I like this offer and will keep the email, the only problem is this email is not as targeted as the first one. They knew I haven’t received my box yet but still they emailed asking to rejoin them. I still haven’t experienced you guys, chill.

This is the only problem I have with this email, the timing. If they sent it tomorrow or the day after it would be great.

The second company sending me emails is Fresh Direct  I really like the emails that they sent. They don’t send a lot of emails and the ones they send are worth sending. For example the bellow email is sent to existing Fresh Direct customers, it offers $50 off the the next order, Who wouldn’t want that?


Another great feature in this email is if you actually click on the Fruits, Meat, Vegetable it lands directly to that same food category page. Pretty awesome, right?

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Location Marketing

Scary?? Check.

Funny?? Check.


Impact of Technology? I like to think of it more this way

“The global market for location-based services (LBS) is projected to reach US $21.14 billion in annual revenue by 2015”.-Global Industry Analyst

Starbucks Homepage


The Starbucks application on my iPhone tracks my location to tell me where the closest coffee shop is in the form of a pop-up on my screen

Dalal's iPhone 5 Homescreen I find this feature useful sometimes, but annoying most of the time. The reason is whenever you are close to a Starbucks a pop-up appears, even if you have just exited one.

In New York City alone are 250+ Starbucks stores, so imagine how many times a day a pop-up pops on my screen. It’s literally my lock screen.


A more effective way Starbucks are using to drive traffic are their coupons. (Turn from a stalker to a friend).

This is What I call The Happiness Ladder:

Happiness Ladder