To whomever it may concern….you are about to experience THE MOST boring start-up blog EVER!!!

If you do find a personal message I accidentally posted, or a video of me accidentally hitting the record button and saying “how can I stop this” like an old lady.I warned you. But enough of that…Don’t you just can’t have enough of chocolate chip cookies, God damn it! What is in those things?! Speaking of cookies, why does everyone keeps on saying New York isn’t cold this winter, going on about global worming and **** those are not stars…well who am I kidding, I wanted to write “stuff” but decides to bleep it out to look cool and shit. Back to the weather on channel 5.. You just changed your voice while reading it, right? . Anyways, I’m typing this with a warm cup of coffee that I wish I could just throw on my face. The only small problem is although it will warm me for a good 5 seconds….it’ll, within 2 seconds following the first 5, meaning the 7th second turn my face into an ice sculpture. I’m just not ready to be a legend yet…or am I? I just wonder 300 years ago, when zombies used to be alive, not alive alive, but dead-alive… how did they make sculptures? Does the person sit on a horse and the horse keeps on rearing up till the sculptor is done? What if the rider got older? Does the sculptor adds wrinkles every time? or the poor horse broke his leg? does he break the sculptured leg as well?  It just takes a lot of time! And time is money.

But since in those old days,when dash did not mean a Kardashian boutique store, people dealt with gold and silver coins as currencies which we now use as jewellery items… this meant that they actually did not have money…which means they had no REAL time…that actually means they had ALL the time to do whatever they wanted. But now, the economy got so bad that vampires had to work.

After all this heavy, rich, controversial one-on-one deliberation. The real question is who came first, the chicken or the egg?


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