1234567inSparq’s is Social Merchandising Platform that provides online retailers with the easiest tools to connect with their customers with products they will love. inSparq helps retailers improve conversion rates by translating social activity into real-time trending product recommendations.

1234567Key benefits that inSparq provides dynamic merchandising, meaning it enables dynamic merchandising anywhere on the site. This will allow consumers to easily and quickly find the products they wanted and engage live with it via social inputer platforms (like, comments, ..) that automatically links to their Facebook page. In addition those customers that are engaged were proven to have 200% improvement in their conversion rates.Innovative retailers like C. Wonder and Lolly Wolly Doodle conversion rate increased by that 200%+.

1234567Another key benefit inSparq provides is the traffic growth, where it has been proven that with them social traffic increased by 200-300%. The nice thing about inSparq is its ability to customise the look and feel to the client’s specification and the integration of the whole system requires zero IT support! Which is great because the money spent on IT systems in today’s world is 11.6 billion US dollars.

1234567The Sharing & Reward feature enables retailers to grant shoppers for sharing products they love across across social media. In this wy brand lovers tun into ambassadors and increase the % of referrals. In addition, inSparq on web analytics systems lows retailers to easily see what products are trending, most viral, and also know who their most viable/profitable customers are. Also through pixel tagging inSparq are able to look at social and transactional data and leverage that in personalisation.


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