“Learn the Details…Live The Concept”


1234567On Halloween night we were fortunate to have an intelligent guest speaker at our E-commerce class. Her name is So Young Park. She spoke to us on how to optimise job experiences. She started with a statement that really stuck with me. She said that “Details matter, but concepts matter more she elaborated further on that by explaining that if a person knows the concepts, the roots, then that’s all what matters. Reason to that is details always change, whereas concepts remain the same.

1234567Mrs. Park explained optimisation as the iterative, applied process of measuring improving building getting progressively “better” over time. One of the main drivers of optimisation that she mentioned is knowing when to quit. Optimization is not about building and building and building, it is about knowing when to stop, step back, and rebuild again.

OPt chart


My key takeaways from Mrs. Park presentation are:

  • Learn the details, live the concepts.
  • Optimize for the right KPIs.
  • Know when to stop.
  • Gain a variety of experiences and build on them.
  • Develop your inner optimizer, your trusted internal guidance system.




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