Loving The Cool Converts Traffic

Love The Cool 12  is a start up company found by Michelle McCormack that describes itself on Crunch Base as a shopping site selling one “RAD” item every month for $12. They have a very simple model of selling one unique accessory or fashion item every month for the same price always no matter what the item is. As simple as that.
To read more click on > http://www.crunchbase.com/company/love-the-cool-12#ixzz2iehCB0dM
We all may have ideas in our minds that we think are absolutely genius. But what if an idea was truly proven to be genius and the public are ready for it, how do we reach the wanted audience? How do we make sure they know about us and our existance? This step may be considered one of the most challenging in and startup small company.

Lets look at measures Michelle McCormack took to convert traffic:

  • Michelle started LoveTheCool as a popular fashion/tech blog. She built the brand name and went from there.
  • One of her mistakes that she mentioned on her Thursday Oct 17th, 2013 in-class presentation was that she did not collect email addresses for site visitors. Now, she is doing that by designing a pop-up that appears when first entering Love The Cool 12 website asking to “Join The Party” and entering email information, as shown bellow:

LTC popup

          The pop-up idea of collecting information is great, but the message behind it, to me, is a bit unclear. It says “Join The Party” but does not explain exactly what it means. With the massive amount of advertising people are getting from emails, asking them to give email addresses out is not that easy. So maybe a simple explanation would drive more signups.

  • Michelle is advertising on Facebook to her target audience, which she regrets not using before. It is a tool to keep your brand in front of potential customers. Facebook offers Facebook’s guide to using its advertising tool where you can see the powerful targeting options that lead to a greater ROI.Following is brilliant video that simply explains how Facebook Ads work:

The following link is a good source to answer any questions on Facebook advertising: https://www.facebook.com/about/ads#relevance

  • Michelle targeted some keywords with SEO.

LovetheKool SEO

          On the other hand when googling some of the items offered on Love The Cool 12 website, locating them was a bit challenging. I tried googling both the fake Chanel bag and the iPhone 5 brass knuckles case and the results were pretty interesting.

When googling  ‘brass knuckles iPhone 5 case’ I could not locate the item, as shown in the bellow search image:

LTC Knuckles

But when I tried to search ‘knuckle case’ I was able to locate it.

LTC case

This indicates that one of the Ad Words Michelle is bidding on is “Knuckle Case”(SEM).

I also tried searching for October’s item, the fake Chanel bag, and came across some the interesting results that I referred to earlier. When searching “12 bucks fake Chanel”, I was able to easily locate the item. On the other hand, when I searched  “12 dollar fake Chanel” I was not able to locate it. This is the SEO effect because her description contains the word ‘bucks’ not ‘dollars’.

LTC 12 Bucks LTC 12 USD

I think a good move for Love The Cool 12 would be to bid on ’12 dollars’ and ’12 bucks’. Since this is what the company represents; selling each month an item for $12, bedding on these keywords would be a proper way of reinforcing that idea and getting more conversions.

  • Love The Cool 12 website is run by Shopify which is a great tool for startups companies. It is affordable, easy to navigate, includes all social and SEO plugins, good Customer Service, and the ability to “Tag & Track”. You can read more about Shopify on my previous post “Merchant Server Software”.

I looked into extra, affordable techniques for start-ups to use in order to transfer traffic into conversion and here are some of the findings I would like to share:

According to an article published by  titled “5 Quality Secrets To Convert Traffic Into Sales”, traffic affects everything. It affects the website rank, sales, page views, etc. If a compay is able to generate  good traffic on their website, ultimately they will be able to overcome all these aspects and succeed. Wadhwa pointed out in a very simplistic illustration that ‘Leads’ are the source of traffic which drive Sales. In order to get those Leads, important, yet obvious features must be in any website:

Visitor Vs Loading Time Chart

  • A well optimized landing page
  • Include a contact number on your website generates trust.
  • Opt-in form on homepage. As the way Love The Cool 12 have it. But make sure your Opt-in form looks attractive with a unique punch line that clearly shows the benefit for the users.
  • About Us page content is very important. As Wadhwa explained “an About US page that contains some great back story about yourself, sharing the motive of starting your business with a great mission statement, not only it will bring interest into the visitors but it will also inspire them”. Wadhwa also suggested to include a sign up page on the About Us page. He justified that by saying when people become more engaged in your story, you will have a higher chance to get the Leads. Smart? Yes.
  • Get leads through Social Media. According to an article posted on MarketingSherpaBlog 61% of marketers admit that they bring more traffic to their website through social media which ultimately converts the traffic into sales.
  • According to an article posted on OnStartups.com titled “The 5 Minute Guide To Cheap Startup Advertising“, written by Rob Walling, offering the visitor something in exchange for their email address (a free trial, a free report, or maybe a free iPhone case) generates more Opt-ins.
  • Gaining the means and permission to contact the customer again is the number one most important rule (double OPT-in). It will increase conversion rates and generate more leads. It enables companies to understand and segment email lists in a more organized manner.
  • Another tactic Walling suggested is niche advertising.  Niche sites tend to be cheaper to advertise on and drive more targeted traffic, which makes a huge difference in conversion rates. Know where your niche hangs out, and target them in that social platform/site.

I would like to conclude this post by an interesting point Walling pointed out in his article: “Unless you have deep pockets think of advertising not as a long-term traffic strategy, but as a testing tool to improve your website and find out more about your ideal visitor. Few bootstrapped startups can withstand the cash outlay required to turn advertising into a marketing activity with a positive ROI, but that shouldn’t keep you from testing the waters to find out for yourself”.


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