eBay My Love, How Can You Be So Awesome?

According to an article posted by Kathy Totz on Foresee.com, a June 2012 Nielsen study reported by Tech Crunch, eBay and Amazon smartphone apps have the largest unique audience of all shopping apps—at over 13 million and 12 million, respectively.

eBay can be accessed through multiple screens, devices, and platform. You can browse the page through you iPad, iPhone, Android, windows, Blackberry, and of course laptops. Their mobile app that I personally have and love to use, has the same online auction function that the web has, the experience on the mobile app replicates the web’s experience.

After logging into your account it, if I may say, the app simplifies the Web experience. It takes out all that extra noise (daily deals, featured, etc) and delivers what is most relevant to the viewer. On the home screen it shows #items you are watching, buying, selling. It also shows Reminders for items that are ending soon, messages from other members you communicated with, and saved searches.


” Model uses robust regression analysis to quantify cause-and-effect relationships between satisfaction drivers, satisfaction and future behaviours”-Slide 10 on class 5 PPT. eBay’s mobile app in this case fulfilled most, if not all, the Satisfaction Drivers:


The look and feel of the app determines whether or not a user will decide at first to abandon, uninstall, write a bad review, or place a low rating on the app. My opinion, based on the first picture posted, the mobile app’s look and feel is clean, simple,  and straight to the point. When I first open the app the things that I want to see at first are on the home page.

As for the product browsing feature, which must be the most important profit/ satisfaction driver as they have on average 112.3 million listings at any given time, it is smooth and easy. When you first enter a search a listing appears on suggested searches, as shown in the bellow picture:

photo 1

After hitting search the top navigation gives several option. To refine based on Category (men’s clothing, coats & Jackets, Blazers & Sport Coats, etc) , Buying Format (all, action, buy it now, accepts offers), Condition (new, used, not specified), and Price (select a min & max price range).

photo 2

This feature makes the application’s navigation convenient, and enables eBay to collect customer data, a win-win situation.

Product Description & Images are two key Profit and Satisfactory drivers. After conducting a search and reaching your desired item, a description of the product with good quality images to support it, is what determines the “buy it” click. eBay have very strict rules on sellers where they require them to write accurate, true, very clear and specific description about their products. I only once asked a seller to send more images of their product and they would usually do that gladly.

One of my favourite eBay features is ratings & reviews. It really shows you who are you about to deal with before dealing with them, and what’s very helpful is that no one can write a review on a seller or a buyer before a transaction has been made between the two, as oppose to Yelp where a competitor may just login and trash his component’s reviews.

In conclusion, eBay is a world wide known eCommerce company because it truly deserves to be one. It built a name and reputation of trust and convenience that stands before it.


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