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Optimizely was founded by two former Google product managers, Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen. It a world-class optimization platform that was easy to use in an effort to provide a platform for businesses to be able to conceive and run experiments that helped them make better data-driven decisions.

Features: (based on their website):

  • Acts as your on-demand technical team
  • Instant Testing Capability: after inserting a single line of code generated by Optimizely into the HTML, you never have to touch the code base again. Any variation you create can be live to your visitors within minutes.
  • Custom goal tracking provides an endless range of measurable actions that a company can define
  • Serves all types, size of enterprises
  • Easily create additional user accounts, organize projects and view your experiment inventory in an intuitive and easily navigable dashboard
  • Advanced targeting, allocation, and scheduling features provide maximum flexibility and allow you to run tests on your terms.
  • Integrates with popular existing tools on your website (SiteCatalyst, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics).
  •  Visual point and click editor: offers a full range of customization, right at your fingertips. Edit text, images, colors, arrangement, and much more with the click of a mouse and instantly launch your new looks
  • Ability to test multiple changes to different sections in parallel, and automatically finds the best combinations to address your goals.
  • Exceptable rates

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.03.57 PMMonetate: 

Based on Best Vendor, “Monetate is a provider of testing, targeting, and personalization solutions for websites. The company’s cloud-based platform empowers marketers to easily test and target product offers and site features then convert successful tests into personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, instantly, anywhere on the website.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.23.01 PM

Features:(info gathered from their website)

  • A single system that collects, organizes, and analyzes data—and then acts on it.
  • Instant: real-time insights require real-time responses. Measured in milliseconds.
  • Consistent: delivers consistent customer experiences across every touchpoint.
  • Relevant: Take action that is informed by deep knowledge of every customer.
  • Replace, move, overlay creatives
  • Difficult to read reporting interface and only allows five custom metrics per campaign.

To understand the main differences between the two engines,Optimizely & Monetate, there is a great comparison chart in the following link:  http://vschart.com/compare/monetate/vs/optimizely 

Similarities between the both:

  1. Allow integration with other systems
  2. They grow your business
  3. Increasing the marketing effectiveness
  4. Optimise conversion rates
  5. Multi-channel personslization
  6. Enable companies to know their customers better
  7. Personalise customers experience:
    1. Who should see the experience
    2. What should it be
    3. Where should it run
    4. Why is it running
  8. Target customer segments and optimise what customers see
  9. Modify, insert custom codes
  10. Mash-ups evolving custom data sources
  11. Enhance the internal search navigation (are customers finding what they are looking for? look at the %Search Exit)
  12. Recommendations: recommend the right oviduct to the right visitor
  13. A,B & Multi-variate testing for marketing decisions
  14. Performance analytics
  15. Segments discovery

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