Federated Media

Federated Media describe themselves as an independent, family owned company that offers innovative multi-media products to their advertisers.  Their advertising services covers several channels including radio, outdoor, print, digital, social, email, and events.

Their goal is “to provide the highest quality form of information, entertainment, and advertising to their listeners, viewers, advertisers, and employees in a way that is profitable for all”.

Federated Media provides companies with marketing, branding, advertising or promotional strategy services.

In their website, they featured different successful cases that they dealt with, each with four elements as shown bellow:


In addition, I liked how they label themselves as problem-solvers as it shows bellow:

ImageAfter navigating Federated Media website it was clear to me that they do offer a great deal of marketing services to their clients on one hand, and on the other hand I do not think they are offering these services to themselves.

The website is basic , not very appealing or creative, which I assume must be in order to represent what they truly are here for. I picture it is as going to the hair salon and your hair dresser has messy uneven hair, I’m not talking about the messy-cool hair, no no the messy spiderweb hair. Would you trust him/her to cut your hair? He/she may be good at what they do but sometimes you can’t help but judge a book by its cover.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.32.10 PM

Therefore, I think Federated Media should use heir tools to market themselves more as what they call out to be. They should start by making their website look more appealing and more energetic. My humble-unprofessional opinion also suggests that Federated Media should use more videos that illustrates how they work and the effect of their work. Something like this awesome video would be great for them:

In addition, I noticed when googling “Federated Media” the first name that popped up on the page was Federated Media Publishing. This is why Federated Media may consider SEM, if research shows it helps lessen the confusion between the two companies.



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