Battles with E-Commerce’s Forces

Image is a useful to-go tool for all whom consider themselves beauty savvies. It has the latest beauty news, makeup/skincare products, hair styles, and their signature how-to’s expert tips.

Their mission is “to be your daily source for beauty news and information that will inspire you to have fun with makeup and equip you with expert tips and tricks to experiment with the latest trends. Have a question? Just ask! We will turn to our panel of experts to get you the right answers.”

When browsing around their website I really like how they created their main menu. I liked that they have a drop down menu for celebrities with “The prettiest makeup and hair” title. But where does it go from there? So lets say I loved Emma Stone’s makeup look at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, which I ABSOLUTELY did, how can I get it? I would have loved to see a makeup tutorial on how to get this look (posted on youTube and the site; to drive more traffic to the site) and what product to use (market their own, more sales).


The website itself has really great helpfull content, on the other hand I think there’s something about the PDP and the articles that is messy. Maybe it’s the layout of the articles, or the font? Or maybe its their extensive content that needs just a little brush up to have it all fall right.

ImageAs for my E-commerce experience with I fake-tried buying the Lancome Huile Douceur. I liked how they divided the description into two segment details and benefits. I also liked the delivery one time vs several times option.


Their summary of customer reviews& ratings is great. I liked how they divided it into effectiveness, performance, value, and texture. They also have the Amazon feature Professor Rhodes showed us in class; “Frequently Bought Together”. Cross-selling is always a bonus.
ImageWhat was interesting is when when I added the item to the cart the URL automatically changed from to featuring only Lancome’s product as shown bellow:



I tried also fake-buying L’Oreal’s navy blue nail polish it also switched from to Surprisingly when checking out you have to choose from which online retailer would you like the item to be, and each has a different price and stock availability.

ImageI don’t know if I should love this feature or hate it. If i was only visiting L’ it would be ok, but for it makes it impossible to add more than one item in my cart. Meaning I have to visit different online retail storers (Lancome, L’Oreal) to buy my product.

Professor Rhodes asked us to be transparent, and to show our opinion. So here it goes…

Visiting different websites and having more than a cart at once is extremly inconvenient. It wastes time and money. This is why I would rather shop at Sephora instead. is, as their mission states, a place to browse products, look at what’s new, and how to-do tips. It is not equipped to be an E-Commerce site.



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