My Feedback on HopStop

HopStop is a great application I use when taking the subway. I basically enter my starting address and the destination address.

It later pops up different trasportation options, each with the duration time. You then can tap on the preferred option as shown bellow:

When tapping on the desired option it shows you where the closest subway station is from your location,  with the directions to it.

direction to station

Before, it used it draw a map as shown bellow. Which confuses people who don’t know how to read maps like me.  This feature as some may see great, made me exit the application and use Google Maps to direct me.  So basically I was only using the application to show me what train to take, and what station to get off at.


But now, after the application’s update, you have the option to clickon live location streaming. This update made HopStop, for me, a more convenient one-stop application.

live gps

When arriving at your destination station HopStop draws another map that shows the directions from the subway station you arrived at to the location address.

map to station

HopStop reminds me a little of my mom when I was a kid. It made sure it’s with me the whole time from the moment I get out of your door till I safely reached my destination.


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