Trader Joe’s Keeps it Still

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words are worth hundreds of pictures combined together with background music playing and voices that tell a story on a beautiful wide Mac screen.

Trader Joe’s is a company with lots and lots of stories. Looking at their website’s timeline and the way they displayed it reflects the brands’ personality, as shown bellow:

Trader Joe's TimelineBut what if this was displayed in a short video that tells a story instead of streaming through pages? Nowadays people do not have the time, nor the patience to read through data.

A 1 to 3 minute(s) video may deliver the message quicker, more effective and life-likely. They can use videos to make their brand come to life for the out-of-reach potential customers (no email, no phone number, no home address data). Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s continues on disappointing us with their lack of presence in any digital platform. No social media, no blog, no video presence. They only thing we can do at this moment is thank their loyal customers that keep on promoting Trader Joe’s because they want to.

A teenage girl named Bethany from California posts videos on YouTube about fashion, hair, makeup, and any product that she likes. She has 2,081,128 subscribers. She posted a video under the title “March Favourites 2013!” and promoted Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies as one of her March favourites. That video alone gained 1,005,237 views. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for Trader Joe’s but I really don’t understand why 1,000,000+ views. I am guessing that her followers are mostly teenage girls/boys (fingers crossed) which may have helped the brand reach a younger audiences.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.45.21 AM

Another video was posted by another teenage girl, (I swear I am not googling teenage girls and Trader Joe’s), her channels name is SophistiCait16, and the video she posted is titled “Food Favourites Trader Joe’s Snack Recommendations!” . This video is great! It basically talks all about Trader Joe’s healthy snacks, and how they are good for you instead of all the other delicious junk I love yum yum.

Dried Cranberries

On the other hand Whole Foods have created their YouTube page in 2006. We studied in our Competitive Strategy class that in order for a brand to energize and leverage itself, it should add value to it. One way to do that is by branding your social programs that can payoff by providing the basis of a customer relationship based on trust and respect. Whole Foods know themselves, they know what they represent, and what they stand for and they are branding themselves accordingly. You can see on their YouTube videos posts that are 1-2 minutes longs that focus on a variety of topics like this really cool video they created to support Earthglings, “Introducing The Earthlings”, or them showing their support to small business “Archi’s Acres Whole Foods Market Grant Announcement”, or their cooking tutorial “Hummus Veggie Pizza”. Although they have great content videos, they only have 7,386 subscribes, but a total of 5,475,930 views for 725 videos.

Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s can not keep on ignoring the fact that they need and they MUST have digital presence. It is true that they are doing well now, but if they look at how strong their competitors are, and how those competitors are outperforming them, they will come to the realization that social and digital presence is one big reason.

People want to know who they are dealing with, what do they represent to the society, what are their thoughts about health, the environment. Good products are no longer the reason people are committed to a brand, the sooner they realise that the more quickly they can have their own voice instead of having hundred of different fan-created voices.


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