Trader Joe’s are always putting out new, innovative, healthy, hard-to-find, great tasting food products at their stores, for example their Cowboy Caviar Salsa or their Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. But how do customers come to know about those new products? The sad answer is that they have to visit their website, click on “Products and Guides”, then hit “What’s New”. For a product to be truly “new”, one must know about it immediately once it’s out, hence in a blog.

Trader Joe’s do not have an official blog, they have a couple of unofficial ones.

The first unofficial blog is “Cooking with Trader Joe’s“:

Cooking With Trader Joe's

It has 52,887 likes on Facebook, and have been mentioned by the press in LA Weekly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Sacramento Bee, Kiwi, Women’s Day, The San Diago Union-Tribute, CHOW, Hub Pages, and many more. Each post has the option to share, save, print, or add to grocery list. Posts have been saved, not only read, from 110 to 600 times on average.

other than the option of saving and sharing the post,  they have an excellent way to engage readers which is by encouraging them  to share recipes of their own. Another great feature about their blog is one can browse a recipe by course (appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, sides, dessert, drinks, breakfast), or by special diet (gluten-free, low-fat, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian), or by main ingredient (chicken, beef, pasta, fruit, etc), or by list (top 20, most recent). I must say, what a handy tool!

The second unofficial blog is “What’s Good at Trader Joe’s“:

What's Good at Trader Joe's

It has 11,934 likes on Facebook, and a whopping 4,664,877 blog page views. What’s surprising that the blogger blogs every other day. Talk about passion! What’s great about his blog is that it lists the nutritional facts about a product of his choice, he also talks about the product in a very fun quirky tone that relates to the brand itself. The blogger then ends each post with a product rating out of 10.

This clearly shows what Trader Joe’s are missing out on, and it confirms that their customers do appreciate blogs and there is an unmet need, that them as a business must take the opportunity to fulfill.

As we all know, Trader Joe’s strongest competitor is Whole Foods. They quite frankly deserve to be the strongest. As I mentioned in my last post they have unbeatable social presence. In addition to that the have an ah-mazzing blog.

Whole Foods Blog

Their posts are on a daily average, they cover social topics from how to cut your mango, to 12 ways to stop wasting food. They cover issues each household are facing, and they give effective tips to limit them. They also cover topics on how to save our environment. After all they are a green company, and it clearly shows in their posts.

Another great feature about their blog is that it contains absolutely beautiful visuals

Whole Foods VisualsWhen I looked at this picture I thought to myself I want a bite of this tomato, given the fact that I absolutely hate tomatoes, I’d rather kiss a rat in the mouth than eating a tomato… Nah whom am I kidding I’d kill myself if that happened, well I wouldn’t end my life just because I ate a tomato, or kissed a rat on the mouth, I’d blog about it I suppose..Trader Joe’s hint hint.


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