Oh hot DAMN this is my SPAM


So for this week’s assignment, that I submitted late, sorry again Joanne, we were asked to analyse our email, identify the ones sent by marketer’s  and tell the story behind it.

The first company is Blue Print Cleanse.


For those who don’t know what Blue Print Cleanse is, it is s a “user-friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of their indulgence”. (BluePrint, About)

Since my body’s healthiness and hotness nowadays competes with Rihanna’s I decided to join a three days cleansing program at Blue Print Cleanse. I am expecting my package today around 3:00 p.m, better eat all what I can before starting. YES that’s the attitude!

I really like the emails those guys send me. It show that they care about their customer, and that they want them to properly be able to cleanse their bodies.

Another thing that I really like is that they give targeted advices for their targeted customers, as shown bellow:


Their audience are people like me. Want to cleanse their bodies, and have healthier lifestyles, and those are A LOT, especially in New York. As shown in the previous picture the Call To Action basically is “Be Prepared The Box is Coming”!

Another email Blue Print Cleanse sent was intended to encourage the existing-satisfied customers to sign-up for additional days and get 15% off their next order.

The way they display their emails is cute, and the wordings are always smart and funny! It is somewhat an entraining experience to me whenever I read their emails or visit their website.

Following is the email with the offer:

Cute, right??

Ok now trash talk time.

I like this offer and will keep the email, the only problem is this email is not as targeted as the first one. They knew I haven’t received my box yet but still they emailed asking to rejoin them. I still haven’t experienced you guys, chill.

This is the only problem I have with this email, the timing. If they sent it tomorrow or the day after it would be great.

The second company sending me emails is Fresh Direct  I really like the emails that they sent. They don’t send a lot of emails and the ones they send are worth sending. For example the bellow email is sent to existing Fresh Direct customers, it offers $50 off the the next order, Who wouldn’t want that?


Another great feature in this email is if you actually click on the Fruits, Meat, Vegetable it lands directly to that same food category page. Pretty awesome, right?

Another company that rely heavily on advertisement especially Digital is Victoria Secret. The emails they send has GREAT pictures, that’s given:


They are sending those emails to their existing customers, the problem is the and me an email everyday, literally everyday!

I mean how many panties a woman can buy??



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