Location Marketing

Scary?? Check.

Funny?? Check.


Impact of Technology? I like to think of it more this way

“The global market for location-based services (LBS) is projected to reach US $21.14 billion in annual revenue by 2015”.-Global Industry Analyst

Starbucks Homepage


The Starbucks application on my iPhone tracks my location to tell me where the closest coffee shop is in the form of a pop-up on my screen

Dalal's iPhone 5 Homescreen I find this feature useful sometimes, but annoying most of the time. The reason is whenever you are close to a Starbucks a pop-up appears, even if you have just exited one.

In New York City alone are 250+ Starbucks stores, so imagine how many times a day a pop-up pops on my screen. It’s literally my lock screen.


A more effective way Starbucks are using to drive traffic are their coupons. (Turn from a stalker to a friend).

This is What I call The Happiness Ladder:

Happiness Ladder


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