Blogs I Liked – ASOS


One of my favourite places to shop online is ASOS. They offer the latest and trendiest clothes, shoes, eyewear, and accessories for both women and men.

Aside from their great collection, good customer service, and their practical-easy to navigate website, I recently discovered that they have a great blog.

ASOS do not necessary show you their products on the blog, instead they preview images and videos they found intresting.


Another great feature on this blog is the ASOS Fashion Finder . They give the trends cool name and they post them. For example if you are interested in military, gothic, Eastern, floral, leather wear you can view a page specifically for that style.

ASOS Fashion Finder

Another great feature is their “What To Wear” page. Whether you are going on a date, girls night out, or deciding to stay in they show you different pieces that might interest you.

ASOS Staying In

One of my favourite features on the ASOS blog is whenever you like an item you can scroll over it, as shown bellow, and it will show you the items price, and you can easily click on it and buy it.



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